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A-24 Hour Door National Inc.

In the lively streets of Philadelphia when an entrance emergency arises, having a reliable partner like A-24 Hour Door National Inc. to turn to is invaluable for local businesses and industries alike. Our company specializes in quick-response commercial door service across Philadelphia county ensuring that whether it’s the harsh reality of wear and tear or accidental damage affecting your doors’ functionality, we’ll be there promptly—even outside regular business hours—for expert Philadelphia emergency door repair services. Industrial complexes greatly benefit from our dedicated team who deliver Philadelphia industrial door repair efficiently and effectively, reducing downtime significantly and maintaining security standards without compromise. Retailers can also count on us for specialized Philadelphia storefront door repair services that help keep their aesthetic appeal intact while safeguarding their premises. We set the standard with 24-hour door repair services throughout greater Philly—service-oriented solutions that make us indispensable allies anywhere, anytime.

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6835 Greenway Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19142, United States


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