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Best Dentistry: 4 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai

Us: Established in 1987, Dental Clinic in 4 Bungalows Andheri West, Mumbai, Dentues has built its foundation on ethical practice, considering it the cornerstone for all decision-making and patient handling practices. Over the years, the clinic has been passed on from one generation of dentists to another, all sharing the common belief that patient trust and interest are paramount, guiding every decision made at the clinic.

Staying at the forefront of technology, our clinic engages the best machines and adopts industry best practices to ensure better and more effective care for our patients. With a commitment to innovation, we maintain digital records of patients’ teeth, ensuring subsequent visits are more efficient and accurate. This digital approach enhances the quality and safety of care provided to our patients by ensuring accurate medical histories are readily available during treatment.

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Yashodhan Apartments, 001/3, Saint Louis Convent Rd, opp. Kamdhenu Shopping Arcade, Gharkul Society, Ratan Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai


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