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Established in 2012, Linenshed has emerged from a foundation steeped in over two decades of French linen fabric mastery. The company’s inception was driven by a profound appreciation for the classic sophistication and enduring strength of French flax linen, a fabric renowned for its natural allure and tactile comfort.

In 2017, Linenshed expanded its horizons to the United Kingdom, unveiling a comprehensive collection of 100% pure French flax linens to the web-based consumer market. Linenshed UK is resolute in its mission to provide a selection of superior linen offerings, ranging from luxuriously soft bedding to stylishly understated clothing and accessories, each item showcasing the understated luxury of French-inspired design.


The linens from Linenshed are a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, marrying age-old traditions with modern aesthetics. The company stands firm in its commitment to environmental stewardship, ensuring that every product is not only crafted from the finest natural fibers but also manufactured with a deep respect for the environment.

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