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Waterloo Surveyors Houston

Residential & Commercial Surveying Company Serving the Greater Houston Area.

Waterloo Surveyors Houston emerges as a leading Survey Company in Houston offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your land surveying requirements with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and quality service. We excel across various disciplines including detailed Land Surveying; Residential and Commercial Property Surveying; meticulous Boundary Surveys; informative Title Surveys crucial for property ownership clarity; FEMA-compliant Elevation Certificates; preparatory Form Surveys; precise Construction Staking services necessary for setting out correct implementation during building phases; as well as securing legal routes through Easement Dedication assistance. Our strategic operation within Houston ensures we can span the dynamic Texas landscapes with confidence, delivering results on which industry professionals can rely.

Services: Land Surveying, Property Surveying, Residential Surveying, Commercial Surveying, Boundary Surveys, Title Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Form Surveys, Construction Staking, Easement Dedication
Company Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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